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Issues Sending Email - Report Form

  • If you received a bounce message, informing you that the message you tried to send could not be delivered, or
  • If you sent an email to someone, but that person never received your email,

then you should fill out this form to report the issue to Earthnet.

Please check this tutorial to find out how to copy and paste a bounce message including the full headers.

Issues Sending Mail
Your name:
Your FULL email address:
Your Operating System:
Your email program:
FULL email address of the recipient (you can provide several addresses if you like):
Approximate date and time you sent the message (more than 1 if applicable):
Did you receive a bounce message? Yes
If yes, please copy and paste the bounce message in this box, and include the full headers of the bounce message (instructions available here).
Did you try to send the message again? Yes
Have you been able to send other emails since the incident? Yes
If not, have you tried restarting your computer? Yes
Are you getting an error message when you try to send mail? Yes
If you do, please copy the entire error message here, including the error code (for example 0x800ccc0E)
Is your port 25 blocked? Please perform the telnet test described here and check the appropriate box. Yes, my port 25 is blocked
No, my port 25 is NOT blocked
Additional comments and details about the issue:
Your IP Address is:
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Questions and problems will be addressed in the order they are received. You will be contacted by a member of the Earthnet staff, if necessary.

Important note: if you are using an Earthnet email address, BUT you are using a different ISP than Earthnet for your Internet connection (for example, Comcast cable), your port 25 might be blocked and prevent you from being able to send out messages using our mail server. Please click here for more info.

For your information, if you are having general issues sending email, please check these tutorials for online self-help: