Managed Services Cost Estimator

Use our managed services calculator to help you get a feel for what your monthly fees would be. That way you can pick a plan that is right for you and your specific needs.

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Required Services
Cost Per Service Quantity Hours/Month $/Month
Number of Managed Services hrs/mo
Total hrs/mo
Servers Required
Cost Per Service Quantity Hours/Month $/Month
Linux Servers hrs/mo/svr hrs/mo
Windows Servers hrs/mo/svr hrs/mo
Firewalls $/mo/svr $/mo
Load Balancer $/mo/svr $/mo
Remote Reboot $/mo/port $/mo
Hours Required and Requested
Cost Per Service Quantity Hours/Month $/Month
Total Hours of Management hrs/mo
Additional Hours Requested hrs/mo
Totals hrs/mo $/mo
Monthly Hours Packages
Cost Per Service Quantity Hours/Month $/Month
Total Hours/Month (from previous section) hrs
- hrs $/mo
Overage hrs $/mo
Total Non-hourly Monthly Cost (from previous section) $/mo
Total Cost $/mo**

* Per service configuration. For example, 2 www servers in a high availabilty setup with a load balancer are considered one service since both servers have identical configurations.

** Prices are an estimate only. Actual contracted prices may differ. Prices do not include setup fees or equipment purchase fees.