Network Services

Our network service offering includes a full array of data communications services from the design of simple web interfaces to fully implemented dedicated service. We offer Design and Implementation Services, Network Management, Firewall Management, and Bandwidth Provisioning.

Network Design and Implementation

Our technical staff has the ability to design and implement data communications for most all enterprise needs. This service provides options including simple web connections to more comprehensive Local Area Network (LAN), Wide Area Network (WAN), Virtual Private Network (VPN) solutions, dedicated line solutions, and bandwidth provisioning. We survey each client’s specific needs before exploring various hardware components and carrier constraints to present a highly reliable network. Our staff will purchase and install components, install monitoring capability and test the network to insure it meets the customer's performance standard.

Network Management

We assume continuous responsibility for the total network and its performance, inclusive of all communications hardware, software and data lines. In providing this service we monitor, administer and maintain each device specified by the client including such components as routers, switches and hubs. This service includes continuous monitoring (24 x 7 x 365) of the each required enterprise network component.

Firewall Management

Our firewall management service provides the customer with one source for design, installation and ongoing management. Our technical staff designs the firewall system to meet the customer's unique environment. We offer to monitor and maintain the ongoing use of the system with upgrades and maintenance for the software, hardware and network components. We offer a variety of firewall solutions, including low-cost Linux based firewalls, in addition to commercial solutions like Checkpoint’s Firewall-1. We can also provide 'fully managed' dedicated firewall solutions, and appliance firewalls. We also offer integrated high-availability, VPN, and load-balanced solutions.

Bandwidth Provisioning

Our bandwidth provisioning service allows our clients to receive highly reliable data transmittal capacity at a very competitive price. With this service we examine the requirements of the client and provide a data transmission service through one of our existing high capacity fiber lines. This service provides "burstable" capacities to insure the customer of top quality service, even if data traffic exceeds expectations.