Systems Administration

Our system administration services provide support for tasks that could occur any time of the day or night. These services could be operational in nature or require intense engineering resources for specific task performance.

OS Support Services

Open Suse Debian Fedora
Redhat CentOS Mandriva
Ubuntu Gentoo Slackware

Earthnet will install and support any modern Linux distribution you wish to use.

We offer the complete technical support resources required to support the operation system utilized on the customer's server. We will place service calls to operating system vendors, log problems using our problem management system and monitor the problem through resolution. This service includes installing necessary cumulative maintenance, tape rotation, applying emergency fixes or installing version or release upgrades for the operating system software. We have expertise in providing these services for most operating systems, including NT, Linux, BSD, UNIX, AIX, HP-UX, Solaris, and more.

Event Scheduling

This service enables the customer to specify events or tasks that are to be performed at specific time intervals. We initiate the tasks and monitor their completion. We also have the ability to execute a series of events where we verify that intermediate results have been obtained before the next in the series is started.

Common events scheduling tasks include production processing control or job scheduling including daily weekly and monthly backups.

Managed Backups

We offer complete backup services including daily, weekly and monthly backups. These services are provided according to the customer's specified plan, including unique labeling and storage requirements. After a backup task is completed, we verify that the system has been restarted and is operational. We also offer to provide complete system recovery as needed.

Performance Tuning and Capacity Planning

Our engineering staff examines historical system data including CPU usage, memory usage and data storage trends to evaluate present and future system performance. We offer suggestions for parameter settings to achieve optimal performance with the present system resources. Additionally, based on our trend analysis, we recommend when and what specific system resource upgrades will be required to meet predicted future processing requirements.