Responsive Web Design

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The Problem

Browsing a regular website on a mobile device like an iPhone or an Android often results in a frustrating experience. The entire website is displayed on your tiny screen, and if you want to be able to read anything clearly, you have to pinch and zoom, drag the screen around, zoom out, rinse and repeat.

Companies who want to address this problem usually create a completely separate website, dedicated specifically to their mobile users. However, that solution is far from ideal. First, you usually have a dumbed-down version of the full site. Users can't find the information that they saw on your "normal" website, and have to revert to using the full site on their mobile to find it.

Secondly, as a company, you have to dedicate time and resources to create and maintain two completely separate websites. So what happens for tablets, very large monitors, or HDTVs? Should you create an optimized version of your site for each and every one of those devices?

That's when RESPONSIVE WEB DESIGN (or ADAPTIVE WEB DESIGN) comes into play.

The Solution

Responsive Web Design is a revolutionary way to design websites, so that your content automatically adapts itself to any hand-held device. It RESPONDS to the size of your device's screen. The layout is automatically optimized for the display you are using, be it a laptop, a smartphone, a tablet or a 30" monitor. It is ready for all the current devices, but also for all the ones that are yet to come.

And the best part is: it is just ONE SINGLE website. You do not have to develop and maintain several different websites. That magic happens thanks to what is "under the hood" - HTML5, CSS3, flexible images, and most importantly media queries.

It is also very helpful for search engine optimization. HTML5 brings about improvements on "semantic code" - code that describes the content rather presents the content - and therefore helps you reach higher rankings in search engines.

OK, I Want One!

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