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Last edited: June 6, 2009

How to check your quarantined spam

To check the spam that our filtering system caught, please follow these steps:

  1. log on to with your Earthnet username and password. Alternately, you can simply click on the link called "click here to view your spam" in your spam quarantine report email.

    Alternately, you can also go to and enter the same username and password, than select the spam folder from the left menu.
  2. This will display the list of your quarantined messages.

How to remove a message from the spam folder

If you find an email that was caught by mistake in the spam filter, please proceed as follows:

  1. check the box in front of its title.
  2. click on the link that says "Deliver to Inbox"
  3. Click OK on the dialog box that pops up. You will see a confirmation message like this:
  4. You should now receive that email in your inbox (it will still display "spam" in the subject line however).

How to empty your spam folder

If you need to simply delete all the messages in your spam folder at once, click on the "Empty Spam" button in the top row of icons, then confirm by clicking OK on the dialog box that pops up.


You will see a confirmation message like this:

How to mark a message as spam?

If a spam message made it into your mailbox despite our filtering, you can report it as spam very easily.

  1. Check the box in front of the message your want to classify as spam
  2. Click on the link above that reads "report as spam"

How to whitelist or blacklist a sender

Witelisting and blacklisting is easier than ever!

  1. Check the box(es) in front of the message(s) you want to whitelist/blacklist.
  2. Click on the link that says "whitelist" to whitelist, or on "blacklist" to blacklist the sender(s).

To whitelist:

To blacklist:

Blacklist considerations

Our spam filter's default behavior is to simply move all messages coming from a blacklisted sender into the spam folder. It does not delete them automatically.

If, however, you would like to have ALL emails from blacklisted senders permanently and automatically deleted, so that you never even see them, you will have to create a special rule. Here's how...


Advanced Controls

To view or edit you whitelist content, or your blacklist content, .

On the left of your screen, you should see a menu as follows.

You will see this screen:

A - Managing your whitelist

Click on the whitelist button on the top row of icons.

If you add someone to your whitelist, they will be permanently allowed to send you messages, and their messages won't be tagged as spam or rejected.

You can add email addresses to the list, or remove others.

When you are finished editing your whitelist, click on the Save button to confirm your changes.

Note: use whitelist FROM when you want to permanently allow a sender, or use whitelist TO to whitelist emails sent to a particular email address (for example, mailing lists).

B - Managing your blacklist

Use the blacklist to completely block senders known as spammers or people you just don't want to receive emails from, ever. Click on the blacklist icon on the top row of icons.

Using the blacklist is exactly the same as using the whitelist, please refer to section A for details.

C - Managing your spam options

This options lets you adjust advanced settings for your spam filter.

Click on the Spam Options icon:

Enable Spam Filter lets you turn ON or OFF your spam filtering. The default setting is Enabled, but if you want to completely stop spam filtering, select the Disabled option.

Spam Summary Report Frequency allows you to control how often you want to receive our spam report emails. By default, it is set to send you an email report every day, but you can select from other choices, such as once a week, etc.

The Required Score drop down box will let you adjust the sensitivity of your spam filter, from 1 - Really Aggressive, to 5 - Really Loose

Outlook Header Check is disabled by default. If you enable that option, the spam filter will perform advanced checks on each message, but may create more false positives.

Rewrite Subject lets you decide whether you want the spam filter to alter the subject line of the messages you receive. By default, it is set to Yes, which means that if a message is suspected to be spam, the words [SPAM (3.2)] (3.2 being the score the message got assigned) will be added in front of the subject line. If you do not want to have the subject line of your messages altered, choose No.

When you are done adjusting your settings, CLICK THE SAVE BUTTON!

Questions? Problems?

For other questions not adressed in this help page, please email us at, or call us at 303-546-6362 and dial extension 112.

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